Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring is a method used to detect calcium deposits in the coronary arteries, which feed your heart. It is a non-invasive imaging technique using a CT scanner, which means there are no injections, dyes, or needles. Utilizing our advanced MTCT scanners, our radiologists can accurately measure calcium deposits in the coronary arteries.

Your physician or cardilogoist may refer you to our practice for a Coronary Artery Calcium Score in order to predict the occurance of of cardiac events such as heart attacks. If the score is positive your doctor can take a number of steps to treat you before any damage to your actual heart muscle occurs. On the other hand, a negative score implies a very low risk for obstructing coronary artery disease, allowing everyone to rest easier.

What To Expect

This test usually takes only about ten minutes. It is completely painless.

Preparations and Precations

CT exams use X-ray to produce images so please let us know if you are pregnant, nursing, or think that you may be pregnant.